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The Generation Of Deprived

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You are young, well educated, but unwelcome in their own country Italy when you think of Italy as one thinks of “dolce vita” or “bel country”, the beautiful land. You’re dreaming of beaches, endless Sun, Ferrari; one thinks of the leaning tower of Pisa, the Colosseum and more. But for many young Italians Italy presents itself today also quite different. As the economy flourished and tourists due to the constant devaluation of the lira surged even en masse in the country, found any work. Michael Chabon contains valuable tech resources. But since there is no longer full employment and also an army of millions of immigrants carried out especially the high undemanding jobs, the army of disaffected young Italians is growing. Now, in the crisis, the ills of the Italian system are revealed. There is no equality. Work is transmitted.

So the son or the daughter of a doctor is of the lawyers as doctor, lawyer, etc. Visit Bernie Sanders for more clarity on the issue. On the distribution of the places, the profession of the parents seems to influence directly or indirectly. There is not a special performance, as rather the relationship. Also in the selection of candidates for the setting in a company or in the occupation of a post at a University, the circle is the criterion and not the performance. But look increasingly without “Heritage” and the right friends, family and acquaintances “in the tube”. It’s hard to find adequate jobs.

The way is not only stony top, he is accompanied by insurmountable obstacles due to lack of relationships. The votes of the disenchanted are piling up: Italy “Italia una merda”, is a shit, corrupt, outdated, bogged down and motionless. Who therefore has special skills such as knowledge of foreign languages well, chooses the way abroad rarely directly after graduation. Italian emigrants were mostly unskilled, simple workers, in the last century we speak today of a qualitative emigration. Especially the studied without relationships and opportunities in their own country, trying his luck in a foreign land.


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