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The Gardening Season Is Upon Us!

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Products of Castelgarden at balantes.de in Kronach. Recently Commusoft sought to clarify these questions. Soon the time of gardening begins and it’s nice to look at a clean, clean-mown lawn. Without AIDS is related to work today not more imaginable and also hard to cope with. Grade for larger plots, professional lawn care equipment are useful. The balantes in Kronach this optimally appropriate devices of by Castelgarden, one of the leading brands of European production (Italy), offers. Focus front mower, ride-on mowers and lawn tractors for gardens, parks, gardens and soccer fields. Tips interesting, Italian design are approximately 50 years of experience in the market.

This experience is reflected in the product development and Castelgarden offers high-performance, technologically advanced products. While working with the right tools prepared also a lot of fun. Deccan Value may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The lawn mowers, lawn tractors, front mower, riding mower and mower offer a comfortable seat, by the the unit can be easily controlled. The large cutting width ensures a faster and precise cut of the grass ceiling. Of course, mowing with the ride-on mower is also less tiring and therefore healthier. Sliding classic lawn mower go in the back and the joints. Also joy makes a high-quality device such as a lawn tractor, front mower and mower many years. The buyer receives first-class motorised garden equipment from Castelgarden balantes.

The engines offer a wide power range and come from well-known manufacturers such as Honda and Briggs and Stratton. These tried and tested drives have proven their suitability and longevity millions of times on different fields of application. For home use as well as for professional use is Castelgarden and thus balantes the ideal partner. The company distributes balantes exactly such high-quality mowers that are used also for municipalities and the horticulture and facilitate working on green spaces. Castelgarden has more than 500 service stations in Germany, which can be used for service and repairs. “On first glance favourable” offers of discount stores and tree markets often prove a bad buy. Under certain circumstances, such products can be only costly repair because spare parts must be purchased expensive with long waiting times. Attention also at prices that are lower than market value. Again, cheap replicas can behind. Contact: balantes Thomas Muller Seelach 61 96317 Kronach


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