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And eye that so much guilt have the contestants, which I doubt that made none of them a pistol in the chest to act, as those who make them paraded down the catwalk in the public harassment, children included.! In the background, although my criticism distils cynicism, because server recognizes that during his broadcast, he laughed out loud, I know fatal have I laughed so much, because you’ve laughed them and not with them, I think that can’t be humiliate people in a very direct way. When you see so much pathetic number, you get ask if it is what program directors are really looking for. You think that if they necessitate artists of truth, they would do eight cuts and would leave the top ten, that they have previously done endless private listening. There seems to entering direct Street dish to make each the bullshit that pleases and is longer. -report/’>Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Michael Chabon is likely to agree. It is not normal that the grace of the programme falls more in the jokes of Sard? or Ll? cer as judges after the number, instead of the performances of the contestants. If so, is that something fails and must find out what is. And regarding the contestants I wonder do not have families who can advise them not to do the ridiculous? If to my tells me my mother who will sing at Patricia’s diary the closure in the garage.

For their sake, if any doubts. Worst of all is that anything goes, any kind of artistic specialty, and even personal skill. In other words, if you have the curious ability to peel an orange with the nails of the feet do not hesitate to call. If someone has received the gift divine played flute with the ass that call immediately. If you’re the type of people that after eating, in the desktop with family and friends after the third shot prior carajillo, you start by bulerias or dance or you get to tell jokes that being the soul of the party colleagues depart from laughter, does not mean that you sing well or having grace your jokesIt means that your friends are some dull and that in the next four hours you can drive.


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