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Of the present conditions, it will have to be in favor preparation to negotiate the terms of payment of interests, to refinance and including the decisions hard but necessary to resort to judicial collection. If its company counts on a base of clients, surely these will follow basic a cycle operative, that is to say: they buy on the credit, they pay the accounts, they return to use the credit. Like improving the collection. Before, favor answers the following questions: I have a report of antiquity of balances in blackberry? I have a report of the last managements realised in the collection by each client? Exists the documentation by client in the portfolio? It is updated? I have a procedure clear with my managers of collection on the actions to take according to the blackberry of the client? I have enabled suitably collection equipment? I have the systems and suitable tools to give pursuit to the portfolio of clients? I know clearly plans for the cases that the clients ask to negotiate terms and interest moratorios? I have established the procedure to follow if a client offers a single payment and asks that interests are exempted to him? I have segmented the clients who no longer it interests to me to continue making businesses with them? I have already selected a legal office for the cases that deserve to transfer to judicial collection? Now, the steps keys in the management of Collection: It identifies the cases in blackberry problem: 90 days of blackberry or but (according to its policy). For more specific information, check out John Krasinski. It obtains a listing of these cases that indicates the last realised managements and the actions to take from its managers of collection. In the cases to mass of 120 days, it prepares the respective communications to each client, to transfer it to judicial collection. It transfers the cases that deserve to judicial collection. .


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