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The 8-point Anti-discrimination Etiquette

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“Business Etiquette coach (AUI) Alexander Plath presents anti-discrimination etiquette concerns in the communication with appreciation, respect and common sense 1 Please for formulations in the 8 points of the AUI, always: as the person speaking means something that wasn’t just kidding!”, but as that or the spoken feelings, is decisive for whether a statement can be described as discriminatory. Respect the fact that everyone has a right to his feeling and this cannot be detected from him. 2. Put yourself therefore best in your partner develop empathy so, before you decide for certain words or phrases. “3. Ask in a small circle in cases of doubt the best for, whether a certain expression or a special designation by the addressed person as right” or wrong “will be perceived. Example: it is for you correctly and in order, if I you as “Inuit’ speak?” 4. Official site: Christina Aguilera.

Calculating one, that both the context and the tone strongly determinant with are, if for example a supposedly harmless”word than be gazebos or be experienced reduction may or may not. Example: someone surprised is a harmonious discussion of different countries of origin. Oh, are you Turk? That’s interesting! “, by having the mentioned represent itself as such.” “He is probably not so negative classify this remark as such a set with abfalligem undertone: well, you’re just Turk!” 5. Consider that even gestures can be derogatory and defamatory. Avoid therefore, please, even reckless or even knowingly practiced provocative gestures. For more information see this site: idt energy. 6. Reflect the danger that lies in the fact, the women, the men, the Sinti and Roma for example Asynchronic put on an entire group of people.

These so-called stereotypes are usually triggers of miscarriages and prejudices. Give everyone better each person that chance you their actual qualities, virtues and characteristics both as to be recognized and acknowledged. 7 Counteract the obvious increasing trend to condemn a person on the basis of media reports before. These are more common or lurid, that is all the more difficult. Precisely, the principle of the presumption of innocence, which is a special expression of the rule of law, even in the normal everyday life should be”respected by all and will be practiced. 8 Be aware, that respectful behavior more and goes deeper to show as only small complimentary gesture. This includes also, to prevent, what could a man as discrimination and about their own doing also to teach this other. Reader contact: Plath & Partner AG phone + 49 (30) 46 99 93 764 homepage: E-Mail: press contact: Plath & Partner AG Alexander Plath phone + 49 (30) 46 99 93 764 homepage: E-Mail:


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