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Temple Sanur

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Holidays in Sanur, Bali, info, taxi, car rental, restaurant, tours Sanur has become the tourist centre of the traditional fishing village and retained nonetheless its peaceful character. After the 1960s the only construction in Bali, the Tower of the Grand Bali BCH hotels, was completed, there were objections of the population and priesthood in Bali. Then the Gouvernur enacted a law, the the construction of new buildings, the higher than a Palm tree or ‘ Pagoda are, banned. Here, you can swim at high tide. Rent a car in Sanur and Bali. For renting a car or Mietrolla, you need an international driver’s license. A European is not enough. Saturday Night Takeaway will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Bali there is self-drive with quite chaotic Fahrweiser. Many motorcycles and bikes obstruct the road. Rules of the road are often opaque and many traffic signs are Indonesian. For even more analysis, hear from idt energy. Car rental is always expressed most to your hotel and back picked car passed with nearly empty tank. You should have a breakdown on the road, can Renting your car share Please note phone number!. Go therefore, and because the Balinese Fahrgewohnheiten slow and defensive. My suggestion take a driver or a driver with the Guide.

Hotels are taxi in Sanur before and achieved on the road to find. With mini bus drivers providing a transportation, the price must be negotiated before. Radio taxis are plentiful and cheaper, they have taxi meters. I recommend using Blue Bird (light blue) telephone number is 701111. When phone ordering hot minimum fee of 10,000 RP. private tour offers you the possibility of the original hinterland. original villages, away from the main tourist track and original inhabitants to know better. Bali excursions Ganztagestours. Bali’s West it duration 8-10 hours From the hotel direck to the sea Temple of Tanah lot. In the morning, here a few tourists are located. Further you go to Jatiluih, the largest rice terraces of Bali.


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