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Technology Memorizing Foreign Language Vocabulary

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Today we want to offer some useful rules and tips for those who study a foreign language. 1. It is not necessary to learn the language mechanically – Take your memory! 2. On average, for every memory can store no more than 7 units information. 3. Habit, the logic, the standard perception – not the best assistants in the study of foreign languages.

4. Short-term memory operates only during the first 30 seconds. 5. In addition, information will remain longer in short-term memory in the flow of unconscious information by us. 6. After learning each new portion of the words should make a break for 10 minutes. 7. Learn the words to be before the first play, that is, to the point where you be able to repeat the entire list.

8. Should repeat the words after a certain period of time – from 10 minutes to 24 hours. 9. Try to save a list of words from the monotony. How? Coined the word bright labels. 10. It is interesting, but true: the word transferred from short-term memory into long-term rather than through repetition, as with the different picture stories. 11. It is easy to do those things that are performed unconsciously – without our direct participation. It is noticed that involuntarily remembered the words that will no longer be used in our daily activities. 12. Tune in to work before remembering! This is because the mind person is inert and will not be able to switch to work with foreign words in an instant. 13. Preferably, if the memorized information will contain the dynamic elements, or at least associated with them. Otherwise, most likely, it will be erased forever. We will be happy if these tips will help you more effectively learn a foreign language. For Moscow residents want to reiterate that we have a club speakers, which feature is the interaction with faculty-native languages. In addition, we have developed a number of programs that meet a wide variety of purposes (business English, corporate training, etc.) and designed to students of all ages.


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