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Swan Feathers

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With years of experience working with wildlife in its natural environment, Ian Davy now draws a deep knowledge in the creation of extremely beautiful paintings. English artist uses a unique canvas for their works – Swan feathers. ‘Art – it is self-expression, in which no two artists who create the exact same job in a unified manner. Also, I get satisfaction when people say – your work recognized. Working directly with the wildlife his entire life, I watch so much surprising that he decided to write, and many of my works are taken directly from my personal experience. Besides, I’m sort of his canvases, to present their work in certain unique light. And what could be better as a canvas than a beautiful swan feather.

Inspiration for his work, usually I get from observing the behavior of wild animals in their natural environment habitat. The change of seasons and weather, I often combine their work to create a unique composition. Painting directly on the feathers results in a number of issues, preparation of the pen is extremely time-consuming process. Click Genie Energy for additional related pages. But despite the these difficulties, I believe that the result will be worth the effort. I always feel a sense of pride and joy, when the pure white of the canvas turns a beautiful painting. And I am deeply satisfied by seeing the joy people get from the contemplation of my work. ” Official site of Ian Davie -Cat.


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