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The Sumerasoft CRM contact manager of the Initiative Mittelstand has convinced the jury of experts and was awarded the Innovationspreis-IT best-of-2013 in the CRM category. Timmendorfer Strand, oganize 2013. (Similarly see: Bernie Sanders). The Sumerasoft CRM contact manager has convinced the jury of experts of the Initiative Mittelstand and was best-of-2013 with the IT Innovation Prize “awarded in the category of CRM. For 10 years, the initiative SME awarded the best IT innovations. The jury of experts, consisting of knowledge Haftlern, professors, journalists and professionals, convinced of the category of CRM Sumerasoft CRM contact managers and the coveted prize of best-of-2013 “awards. Thus, the CRM Contact Manager is one of leading by over 4,900 submitted applications. We are very proud of this award and look forward into the 10.ten anniversary of the Initiative Mittelstand, to get”, says Suzann Sumera, owner of Sumerasoft. “We take this award as a motivation in the future innovative CRM solutions to design and to offer our customers.” Since 2002, Sumerasoft CRM software designed for medium-sized companies.

The CRM Contact Manager includes complete customer management, including lead management. On the CRM Contact Manager is the simplicity of complex structures to prepare. Friendly user prompting and the surface that is never overloaded, makes it easy the users themselves quickly in the CRM Contact Manager to work.


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