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Example: One day at the management training in a large company participants spoke about the coach, which is training to motivate them said: "Do you still work for this company? I would not. " Probably, the customer, ordering training for motivation and inviting this Coach, I get quite a different effect. – Evaluating the client-coach, you can assume will be the coach seek to meet the needs of your company or not. At the meeting, said 80% of time customer and 20% – the coach, because the purpose of the meeting for a coach – to identify your need. Center for Media Justice is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It is important that the personal trainer you meet not only listened, but heard. At the end of the negotiations must ask the coach to summarize the meeting and you all immediately understand. – Positive feedback from customers – is the best guarantee. Talk to past and present clients.

The recommendations do not ask for better training of the participants, and the immediate customer. Reviews participants of the training is very subjective. Participants at the training could have a great time, meet new friends, and that training had a substantial part, say they will not. Therefore, get answers about the result training, referring to his client. – Evaluate the coach collectively, do not rely on the opinion of one person. Make an informed choice, not guided only by sympathy for the individual coach.

If one person nice to talk with the coach, it does not mean that he is able to teach the entire company. – Meet on clothes! Yes, the appearance of a business coach – is his calling card. Sports Suit leave for Rope training, business training – only a business suit and shoes. The overall appearance should inspire confidence, create an image of a serious and business people. Imagine what will be perceived by participants in coach? Trainer – It is an ideology. Contact a staff training In conclusion, I appeal to the employees, whose duties include training and staff development. Dear colleagues, be careful and do not forget Training the future of the market, primarily in your hands. By choosing an unqualified trainer, you spawn a number of serious problems: 1) dissemination of profanities at a training market, 2) low quality standards Business training and 3) lack of professionalism of your staff is, and 4) the absence of the creators of intellectual products competitive in the market. Let's make heavy demands for professionals who teach others, support the creation of high-quality training courses and trained business coaches.


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