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Project of interdisciplinary students and graduates of the HDU Deggendorf Deggendorf, January 30th FENECON and netzbefreiung.de since end of 2011 energy-saving LED bulbs with the familiar versions, shapes and colour temperatures for household use, as well as LED tubes for use in business or retail spaces offer. 2 of the city of Deggendorf, innovation campus equal compared to the local University of applied sciences (HDU Deggendorf), the young entrepreneur Franz-Josef filing ABI (FENECON) and Stefan Birner (netzbefreiung.de) for find optimum conditions. While FENECON organized the import and delivery of modern LED lamps, cares netzbefreiung.de to the distribution. The trading platform founded for this purpose is achieving in the Internet under. Since the launch in December fortunately many interested parties have found the way to this website, to equip your home (often for the first time) with LED bulbs. We are pleased about the reputation of the first leds go home.de customers” says Stefan Birner, but we also know, that the LED technology in the household for many represents completely new territory, why we need to do first educational work and inform customers about the benefits.” The opinion of one of the first customers, Michael E. from Berlin succinctly summarizes the advantages of new technology: the chances assuming that the bulb in the bedroom, for example, about an hour is in operation every day, are that you a Flash duration can be achieved with my just purchased LED bulb fenecon-e27-4w-01 by up to 40 years, and I therefore may never have to buy a new bulb. While the acquisition costs have paid off already in the second year.” In addition to the processing of daily incoming orders about two young companies now mainly to the further expansion of the portfolio, as well as the planning of measures to leds-go-home.de even more customer-friendly fashion. To know more about this subject visit Bernie Sanders.

In addition to the ordinary home lighting LEDs are also powerful since beginning of 2012 LED flood lights and ceiling panels available. On the sales side, stands the safety certification of the Web shop in the first place so that we provide our clients the security that you expect from us in the online shopping can. “, explains Stefan Birner, safe shopping on the Internet is important. The young entrepreneurs contribute with their products through energy efficiency to the energy revolution. Also, all the sales platform of servers operate climate-neutral. Leds-go-home.de: Leds-go-home.de is a joint project of graduates of the University of applied sciences Deggendorf (HDU Deggendorf). Since 2011, bulbs with modern, energy-saving LED technology over the Internet are distributed. Also trader (law firms, medical practices, for example) are target groups in addition to individuals or clubs that want to use cheap, long-lasting and environmentally friendly light bulbs in their rooms.

Noteworthy is especially the low energy consumption approximately 85% savings compared to conventional light sources. In addition to the usual forms of bulbs, like pears, Candles or spot lights, which occur in every household, include also LED panels and floodlights to the portfolio of the Web shop. LEDs-go-home.de offers special terms of press journalists.


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