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Safety training is for women now available as corporate seminar for us”the further expansion of the woman training, in particular for enterprises, a logical step in the development so far, says Jorg Frohlich, Managing Director of CONVA security training. The company has approximately seven years of assertiveness training for women. Initially as open seminars and occasionally also as in-house training for companies and institutions. But the coach team of Jorg Frohlich, Oliver Franz and Britta Minten have encouraged the demand of enterprises and companies in the last two years, from spring this year reinforced for women assertiveness training to participate in the corporate context. Trainer Britta Minten reported who evening long in the Office sits and must in the dark to the car or do on trips more often alone, is glad about every piece sovereignty in unpleasant situations”, the feedback of the participants. So just female specialist know and Managers to appreciate this training in self-assurance and inner serenity, but also trainees, who are at the beginning of their career. The focus of the training are therefore RPG based on dangerous or threatening perceived situations. Method and approach of safety training for women are scientifically sound and based on the recent findings of the prevention research.

Behavior in so-called fear places like garages or unlit paths is therefore also trained as the targeted use of self defense techniques. Moreover, recent studies have shown that many women in the evening hours to avoid public transport. On quality of life we want to counteract targeted this waiver”, emphasizes diploma social scientist Oliver Franz. The practicality of the learned in the role-playing is a special concern of CONVA coaches in addition to teaching the theory. To a permanent anchoring more confidence and higher quality of life to guarantee, the coaching staff offers the safety training for women in the context of work and occupation as basic seminar as well as in-depth training. Learn more about the assertiveness training can be found in the Internet under. Contact: CONVA Sicherheitstraing Frohlich Wittek Franz GbR Stephen str. 50 50321 Bruhl Tel.: 02232-410810 fax: 02232-410815 E-Mail: contact person for the media in the home of CONVA is Mr Jorg Frohlich.


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