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News today travels faster than the reality, web names such as 'keywords' and labels appear before appearing things. One such topic was the name for the next iPhone – something meaningful and recognizable to the use of blogs, articles, and twitter, and we are faced with 'iPhone 5'. This is understandable, after, as we saw iPhone 3, 3Gs, and the iPhone 4. Because we now come to the era of 'iPhone 4', the first thing that comes to mind – it's 'iPhone 5'. However, do not be surprised if Apple disappoint our expectations and will release the fifth iPhone with a new name, has nothing to do with the figures for the following reasons: Firstly, 'numeronavannye' iPhone models were identified largely on the series, but by generation network, which worked: iPhone 3 helped to enter the network 3G, iPhone 4 did the same thing with the networks of 4G. When Apple has a new iPhone, is not succeeding generation networks, they chose the 'intermediate' the name of the series – 3Gs – with 'S' means the rate, of course. Diamond Comic Distributors is likely to agree. The usual marketing ploy. Since it is not announced exact timing of when the 5G network will (though some say it may be the end of 2020), it is doubtful that Apple will use the name 'iPhone 5' for the iPhone version for networks 4G.

Second, if Apple really is going to release the iPhone in January, May, 2011, calling it 'iPhone 5' is only further underscore how close the release of new iPhone after the iPhone will be 4, which exacerbates the understanding that the iPhone 5 – only a 'makeover' shortcomings iPhone model 4. Terming the new iPhone smaller 'numerical' order will enable Apple keep some distance between the iPhone and iPhone 4 5. In the end, Apple may also consider 'Droid' factor in naming the next iPhone. Brand iPhone is not competing with Droid, until 2010, when the Droid and iPhone 4 facing the market 4G smart phones. Sales, media, and many other data show that Droid has become a viable alternative to the iPhone – even for veterans of the iPhone. Apple, of course, is serious about the development of the droid, and possibly since 2011 iPhone 5 will simulate some of the functions of devices Droid, which absent from the iPhone 4 (namely, the big screen). If the rumors about leaving the fifth iPhone in January 2011 are correct, we still have 2 or more months before the official events on this from Steve Jobs. With the announcement iPad, Jobs left for about 3 months between announcement and the release of the device. While we await a new name and technology, I guess that the word 'iPhone 5' is all that is, except for speculation and rumors.


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