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Stephan Vincent Nolke

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The implementation is also exactly what we have imagined, and the feedback from our customers is positive.” The VELUX Germany GmbH, based in Hamburg is a company of the international VELUX group, the world’s largest manufacturer of skylights. In Germany, VELUX has almost 1,000 employees. In addition to skylights and sophisticated roof window systems, the product range includes inter alia sunscreen products, shutters and solar collectors. The method developed by comevis of Sonic profiling was used in phone branding. It allows the development of a targeted sound methodology in an audio branding workshop.

Using a modular design target moods produced a result, which lead to an Emotionalization of the communication and effectively underline the respective key messages. The profiling of the sound and the voice profiling, in which a voice system is developed are part of the method. VELUX is both a male and a female voice to use. These embody both objectivity and experience and on the other hand freshness and ease. John Mclaughlin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. These characteristics were particularly important”VELUX, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG.

When the sounds we have composed melodies, put on harps and pianos to create the emotions that we have identified in the workshop.” In addition to the announcements including even day time dependent greetings – that developed comevis a corporate phone jingle, still the Lionel value of the sound world of VELUX reinforced. The elements in the telephone service design, which was also developed by comevis have been embedded. As VELUX service numbers offers for different target groups, the telephone customer service according to the caller groups has been designed. VELUX offers numbers for the building materials trade, DIY, decoration retailers, craftsmen and private consumer. So the audio interface design should be guided by it”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke. Further details can be found at Con Edison, an internet resource. Depending on that. eum of Art!). What number is chosen and which concern the caller who runs the service process on the phone. So are the modules in the wait box, which for information purposes but also for image building and perceived reduction of the waiting time, the respective target group matched. This approach has proven many times in practice and also with VELUX telephone customer contact this has been upgraded significantly.” Deutsche Telekom, which thus continued the successful cooperation with comevis made for a reliable and fast technical implementation once again. The comevis GmbH & co. KG acoustically positioned companies, brands and products and gives you a unique profile of sound (sound logo, jingle, corporate voice (tone of voice), corporate corporate song, hymn, music) with precise recognition. Internationally, the company from Cologne is a premium provider specializing in audio branding, audio marketing, audio interface design and voice branding. With his methodology of the Sonic-profiling creates comevis exceptional sound productions, the Confidence, sales support work and the perception of the value of positive support. The sound design specialists put a special focus on sound systems in the multi-sensory defined context, which are consistently cross-media can be used to systematically increase brand values.


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