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The prxis, basic ingredient of the transformation of the nature human being, is partner-economic data, but it is also tax of the space impositions. As Callois said (1964, P. 58) the space imposes to each thing a set of relations because each thing occupies a certain place in the space (Apud SENE, 2004, p.124). From this interpretation and of the presented problems it was noticed necessity of a bigger attainment of information on the illness, of this had been ahead analyzed referring factors to the origin and the development of these, as well as analyzes of the climatic variations and other elements as population growth, urbanization and the bad functioning of the health systems. Ahead the clarification of these questions, to carry through a combat work the illness next to the population and to the competent agencies. In the present work, the geographic space with the incidence of the affection in the microregion of Aracaju was analyzed, in which they had been used given of the manifestation of the mosquito registered by the State secretary of the Health, in 2008 in comparison with the metereolgicos data registered by the SEMARH in 2008. The metodolgicos procedures used in the present context it is the inductive method, therefore particularitities will be analyzed as the temperature, the humidity, the precipitation, the variation of the climatic elements, and the incidences of the affection. From one it analyzes comparative and statistics of the characteristics above presented, as the decurrent occurrence of the affection of the climatic variability, with the intention to reach the conclusion concerning the analogy of the urban climate with the health human being. Through graphs and annual averages of the climate in the city of Aracaju and of the microregion, the association must be clarified enters the occurrence of the vector with the thermal and pluvial conditions of Aracaju, beyond being verified a possibility of mapear the occurrences of the illnesses.


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