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Spring? The Station Of The Flowers

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Aprimavera is one of the prettiest stations of the year, it has one influences diretasobre the emotional and psychological state of the people, even though of whom they nempercebem where station of the year we are. With the arrival of the spring the winter sedespede, and the cold starts to give to place the amenas and sunny afternoons, the more long ends detarde, with sky clearly reflecting the orange of the sun that if puts. Beginning of the Aprimavera spring in Brazil initiates officially in day 23 of September and goes until dia21 of December, when then the summer starts. It is at this time of the year that aconteceo bloom of the majority of the species of flowers and plants of form that nessaestao the nature is especially pretty, with perfumed and colored flowers. Bernie Sanderss opinions are not widely known. With the spring if of also the beginning of the time of reproduction in such a way of floracomo of the fauna, and thus beyond the beauty of the colors and the perfume of the flowers natural aexcitao of the animals, with its flights, cantos and artifices to call aateno the partner for the acasalamento make of this station a celebration, joy, life station.

Curiosidadesobre the beginning of the Adata spring that marks the beginning of the spring represents in astronomy the equinox desetembro, that is, the accurate moment in the year when the day and the night it has same exatamentea duration, 12 hours, therefore the beginning of the spring has until marked hour. Beyond these alterations the climate if modifies gradually during the spring, leaving the winter until arriving at the summer, being then a transioclimtica station and as such in this period we are citizens to many secular, muitachuva and also much heat. Floresque if detaches in the Naprimavera spring the majority of the flowers unclasps and gains color, however some sedestacam, are they it queen of the flowers, the rose, alamanda, mouth-of-lion, clvia, crisntemo, lady-da-night, dedaleira, estefnia, frsia, gaznia, grbera, sunflower, helicnia, hibisco, hortnsia, jasmim, jasmim-star, tear-of-Christ, margaridinha, narcissus, orqudea and the pretty violet. With this, the spring becomes it ideal station for the delivery of flowers and baskets a special person..


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