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Spanish National Union

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This lady of letters is expressed and created again, after the heart ice cream, a novel in keys of historical memory that recalls the many cruel moments of the Spanish civil war and some little known at this time episodes. Ines and joy is the first installment of a narrative project that will consist of six novels linked to a common title: episodes of a never-ending war with what aims to adapt the literary model that built Benito Perez Galdos in their national episodes. As these episodes of Galdos, great novels will have real stories within the framework of fictional narratives. Also the fiction interact with historical characters. This first installment says a not very well known that historical fact in October 1944, 4,000 armed men from the army of the Spanish National Union, entering the country through the Pyrenees and invade the Valley of Aran with the intention of overthrowing the cruel regime Franco. Meanwhile, in Europe, Hitler resists attacks from the allies. Agnes, a girl from kindred family to the regime, it makes it impossible to join the Revolutionary Army because I created that you should help in this cause. Almudena Grandes, a committed writer as they are known both to some very good men that they asked a change and others very bad uploaded the life of freedom living in Spain in the second Republic.


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