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19 of APRIL DAY OF the INDIAN the EXCLUIDOS OF the SOCIETY Of decades and decades the aboriginal peoples cry out for a respect in the society, therefore more than five hundred years the same ones continue or worse of what the discovery of Brazil. It is not different in Manaus, many of these aboriginals live rented and others in search of a better residence, but it remains to invade some area of the city. Who does not have nobody defends they, but people exist pra to criticize, the indian are a being as other citizens of the society, it also vote. Learn more about this with Michael Chabon. I choose my Municipal, State, Federal representative, Senator and President of the Republic as the others, because this difference, only because he is indian, 19 of April DAY OF the INDIAN, to commemorate what? If these excluded peoples so suffered are each time more of the society. Until when we will live deeply with all this desumana humilhao? the certainty would be the Federal government to indemnify these peoples, however the opposite happens, it indemnifies the guerrillas of the Araguaia. Poor person of this indian who cries out without being heard..


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