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‘Old versus young knowledge retention and transfer of knowledge in the high-tech industry’ Dresden, 25.09.2012 – on the 26.09.2012, the human resources development working group took place in Dresden in the technology center of North. Current topic: “Old versus young knowledge retention and transfer of knowledge in the high-tech industry”. Every 2 months approximately 15-25 HR management and Managing Director of Silicon Saxony e.V. meet up auszutauschen about staff development in Saxony and the latest trends and topics. Target: keep the business location Saxony together. Europe’s biggest NetzWerk of semiconductor, software, photovoltaics, electronics and MicrosystemIndustrie cooperates with the community MINTsax.de.

Dr. Jorg Klukas, Managing Director of pludoni GmbH, is Deputy Head of the AK personnel development and advocated the vernetzung of companies and educational institutions in Saxony, Germany. For further information and all the presentations, see MINTsax.de. Staff development is a Topic that inexorably moves with the times. As a reflection of the Gesamtbevolkerung age also the workforces of companies. That is why it is so important to deal relatively early.

Companies rely on to generate constantly new knowledge and Weiterzugeben continue existing in angemessener form within the organization. But changing the staff may cause the difficulties of generation of and communication problems. The meeting serves the active exchange of personalverantwortlichen in all topics of human resources development, to benefit from the experiences of others and to discuss future trends. Several practical contributions were presented during the event: “Methodological overview of appropriate Wissenstransfermittel” (Mr. Danny Flemming/WissensImpuls) the mentoring program at the T-systems MMS (wife Donna grey/T system MMS) “Practical example for knowledge transfer talks with a large energy company” (Mr Robert Grundler/GF WissensImpuls) Mr Danny Flemming, WissensImpuls, provided a theoretical introduction to the knowledge management first. He knows experience and erudition is individually bound by people and not technically can be stored as data and information. Flemming warns: implicit knowledge, which plug into experts, can be lost in the change of generation or other restructuring.


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