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He was born into the world little man. What will it be? What awaits him in the near future? What you need to do to us, their parents, that he has grown a successful, intelligent, kind person? Likely, many mothers ask themselves these questions when they have a family there is a little miracle called 'child'. We must remember that all children are born innocent and good. Gain insight and clarity with IDT Energy. Every child is special. He comes into this world with a specific purpose.

Apple seed naturally turn into an apple tree. From it will not grow a pear or an orange. As parents, we must first recognize, respect and support the natural growth of our children. We are not required in some way forming one of these people, what we think they should be. However, we have a responsibility to give them support wise when it comes to the development of their innate talents and strengths. Children do not need us to directed or better, but their growth is dependent on our support. We must provide a fertile ground on which would be able to grow the fruits of their greatness. Everything else they can do themselves.

In apple seed lies most detailed plan for its future growth and development. Similarly, in the growing mind, heart and body of every child to have a detailed plan for its development. Do not think, if you need to make their children good – recognize that they are already good. Remember that children have come down from heaven.


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