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Second World War

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That just do not ascribe to him, the famine in Ukraine and the Volga region, repression, expropriation, failure of the first years of the war … Many of the accusations are true. But today there is no Stalin and his era – the distant past. And because no it is important that it was wrong. What is important is only the result: we won the war, which would seem impossible to win. Stalin was not just a product of his era.

He was born for this era, for this war for the victory. He was Russia sent down from above, and without it, Russia would simply not stand the hardships of the Great Patriotic. Remember: Russia could not, had no right to lose the war. The plans of the Nazis after the line was Arkhangelsk-Astrakhan the destruction of much of Russia's population, enslavement and deportation of those who remained. Entering into the territory of the Soviet Union, the Germans killed at least 12 million civilians – women, children, the elderly, than have confirmed the seriousness of intent to perform Hitler's ambitions. Kill 40 million of them prevented the Red Army.

Let us remember: During the war the united Europe working for Hitler's Germany. Nazi troops had four years of experience winning wars. Beat them was unexpected and strong. Remember: Only 17 years separate destroy the country before the foundation of the First World War and the Civil of the Second World War. During this time in Russia was carried out rapid industrialization, which allowed the USSR to become stronger than all united Europe, for centuries to develop industry, for centuries to accumulate wealth, plundering the colonial world.


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