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Seamless Ceilings. Progress Does Not Stand Still .

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The system of seamless stretch ceiling – it's dry 'method of installation to finish the surface for a few hours without the use of gas heaters. Simplicity of design allows for self-installation. Seamless stretch ceiling system consists of 2 components: the tissue and the mounting structure. Seamless stretch ceilings can quickly and easily install any lighting, ventilation systems, alarm and security. Technology seamless stretch ceiling is a high-tech product – fabric – polyester impregnated with polyurethane – a width of more than 5 meters, which allows to override without seams almost any room. Cloth seamless stretch ceiling is 15-20 times stronger than pvc film. The canvas has the property of shrinking by a factor of 1.2 times. Seamless fabric stretched ceiling differs graphically and uniformity of the picture knitted netting on the front and inside out, the same density.

After the installation of suspended ceilings seamless customer receives a perfectly smooth ceiling covering, which hides any imperfections. Technological gaps between the door and the wall disappears slabozametnoy laths, which coincides with the color of the canvas. Optionally, you can create three-dimensional design, multi-level ceilings. Seamless Stretch ceilings can be painted in any color with acrylic paints. On the seamless fabric ceiling is possible to apply a large-format digital printing or painting. Seamless stretch ceilings maintained physical activity and strikes.

Seamless fabric stretched ceiling is 15 times stronger than pvc film. Material seamless stretch ceiling can not be accidentally cut, tear or puncture. Superior mechanical strength of leaf seamless stretch ceiling will provide many years and service: with time ceilings do not turn yellow, does not sag, no harm at random mechanical effects, they can be washed at any time, including and detergents. Seamless Stretch ceilings withstand negative temperatures down to -40 degrees. They can be installed in unheated rooms in cottages built in the winter. It is interesting to use in the design of the ceiling and walls of the possibility of applying Images on this type of fabric. This can be either a digital image, and drawing by the artist. The correct figure can be a very interesting element of the decor of your room.


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