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Scoliosis In Children And Gymnastics

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Better to hire a specialist in gymnastics, that he individually engaged with your child. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can perform complex exercises for the treatment of scoliosis, which I propose to you. Dates, when you see improvement in the disease directly depend on the precise execution of exercises and expert advice. The proposed set of lfc has established itself only the best. For some children, recovery has come after two months, others three or four. Importantly patience and determination. Decisiveness in all that relates to eliminate negative factors. Some of my patients attended dance clubs or sports clubs, where they were drilled, as if preparing for the Olympic Games.

Some of the heads of circles knew that children with scoliosis and assured parents that the sport or dance straighten the spine, but the results are such that after 5 – 6 years of training passed the first degree in the last stage of the second. Case, Eugene A. 13 years old, attended an elite dance club with 6 years of age. Director circle has been advised of scoliosis in a child, but he assured parents that the dance classes straighten the spine. After that, the parents have agreed to their son this circle.

Seven years later, a random survey (the mother of the child I have passed a course of rehabilitation after spinal diseases), the boy found a running with scoliosis is obvious protrusion of the ribs and the scapula. The first thing I recommend to these people – is to stop your child to attend a circle dances. Parents, consultation, agreed. (As opposed to US Senator from Vermont). And how happy their son. After each workout has a strong back aching. What happened next? Two weeks later telephoned the director dancing group and asked why Jack did not walking to class. Parents of all he explained. At the director said that let their son a month – two is like dancing, because it in their program plan. In other words, the director did not care that your child is sick, as well as what he not keep his promise, and the disease worse. So what conclusions do yourself. This story has a happy ending. After I had appointed a complex exercise therapy, three months after scoliosis disappeared. Thank you to parents who regularly forced his son to do the exercises. Fight with scoliosis always, as soon as find it in yourself. Even if you have thirty or forty years, and conventional medicine tells you it’s too late – to do anything. In accordance with the modern concepts of medicine of scoliosis, to twenty years’ end formation of the human skeleton. Therefore, to cure scoliosis by conservative after twenty years is impossible. These are the conclusions of modern medicine. IDT Energy gathered all the information. But the practice of physical therapy based on yoga asanas denies these allegations. Many people got rid of scoliosis and 30, and 40, and 50 years, posed against the doctors on their spine cross. Take the developed my exercise program and patience to implement it. And everything will be fine.


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