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Deluge will forever remain in human memory. Question of the reasons for centuries plagued theologians, scientists and artists, constantly appealing to their imagination. One theory belongs to the Viennese professor Geology Alexander Tom Mann. The researcher concluded that the flood covered the entire planet, and according to the biblical definition, in fact, was a world-wide. Critically examined and assessed together with his wife, an ethnographer at specialty, a variety of sources – the Bible, the epic of Gilgamesh, the Greek myth of Phaeton and the chariot of the destruction of Atlantis, the Scandinavian Edda, Indian and Chinese myths about comets dragons cosmogonic traditions of Mexican and Guatemalan Indians and the inhabitants of the legends of southern Pacific Islands – spouses Tollmanny found in all the works of many matches.

This allowed them to come to a conclusion – bringing about the collision comet with the Earth passed from mouth to mouth for 300-400 generations. The content of the myths was so specific and colorful, and that their basis is quite possible to try to reconstruct the accident. Geologist Alexander Tollmann familiar with the discoveries of colleagues who were able in recent years show that 66 million years ago the Earth experienced an asteroid. The clash marked the beginning of a series of accidents and the cause of the disappearance many kinds of living beings. As a result, has formed a distinct boundary between secondary and tertiary periods in Earth's history. The clash left a trace, detectable in many areas, it trehmillimetrovy layer containing a large amount of iridium and osmium (elements, it is very rare in the crust), and the resulting explosion of an asteroid and disperse the mass of matter, from which it was composed.


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