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In the end convinced me, lowered me a Dios angel when least expected it, mis pistolas threw into the River, I left the companion to death and kept him as a Saint who spoke to a human being, because such from me was born, being an honest person and just needed to be my Savior. Live from my salary, and with care now attend you, but more he has given me, took me out of the ruin that I mess I, believing that it was how to make strong and more. I lied, I have stolen, I killed, but I have not failed in love with him I was happy, because I found a few eyes merciful, because I learned to talk to flowers, because in my eyes, is posed because I heard the most beautiful words. Why, I was happy now that they spent the years, my love; I can only remember the shine of your hair, the most beautiful memories, the only I want to. And I’m not crazy. I just want to remind you that your head giraste to not show me that tear yours in our goodbye.

When you hide your face, I could only contemplate that hair so beautiful that I acaricie. I also cried. I have given thanks to God because to go away, it has not touched you see the tears on my cheeks that reason, could not contain. I still love you. The strength of our spirit will keep us alive despite the solitude, despite the distance, despite the fact that we can still not crying when we think of that inevitable goodbye. Ernesto at the end of the tunnel does not expect more than heaven, peace will invade, that which you have not known when you were alive rather than being with me. Finally nest, which had not you, the shape of your face will draw in white clouds so that your family can see it, so as I have seen the faces of so many dead unknown in them drawn, even of animals.


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