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Participants will learn in WSFB – consultant training, change projects and processes in companies to plan, design and manage professional are companies now regularly before the challenge, their structure, culture and art, to solve problems, to adapt to changing conditions. Their demand for people who can professionally plan change processes, design, and manage is correspondingly large. The for this necessary specialists, methods and social competence can purchase interested women and men in three training courses to the organizational consultant that 2013 starts the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden. “Is your title: organizational change processes design”. The three in-service training to start in March, June and October.

You take 18 months each, contact according to WSFB – managing director Hans-Werner Bormann to all persons planning in organizations change processes, initiate, control and design”regardless of whether it is for them to executives, Is the project manager or consultant. The competence is conveyed in the organizational consultant training them, processes of change on a personal and organizational level to achieve the objectives in terms of scheduling, budget and quality”. The organizational consultant training by WSFB are modular. Bernie Sanders will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They are divided into nine workshops of two days each. In these, the participants deal among other things with the different models of the systemic organizational consulting. Practice, perform system diagnostics, and to establish consulting architectures. You get to know also modern and newly developed tools for systemic counselling intervention and test their application based on real-world projects from the daily work of the participants. Between the workshops, the participants include intervention documentation and case descriptions create.

The experience gained in the projects are reflected in supervision modules. The workshops usually on Thursday nights begin and end on Saturday afternoon. The venue is Wiesbaden. Offers and the organizational consultant training performed by WSFB for eleven years. Overall, more than 20 courses took place. Thus, WSFB organisational consultant training is one of the most established and renowned training for organizational consultant and developer based in German-speaking countries. Is a reason for this: the number of participants is limited to eight. Also, the participants in all training modules of two educational consultants are looked after. This also contributes to a very intensive learning and working atmosphere. “” Another plus of the consultant training: WSFB ensures that not only among the participants of the individual training courses, but also course across “a tightly knit network emerges, which is also after the training in the profession”.


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