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Sad Increasing Narcissism

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They say that pain biggest is of the indifference; I disagree crei what more it aches is to be reason disdain, for the simple fact to exist, for which that we love of the deep one of the heart. It does not have bigger pain that to desire contact, integration and, to know if I repudiate of it of the other that not even dissimulates. We could inquire of these behaviors. Fact is that to love of truth they do not implicaem reciprocity. Amamosporque we love e, end point! How much, we are white of the transferences refusals that we like acomete us an overwhelming feeling; When these if close, and, its minds and unconscious afazes and other excuses are hidden behind.

Many immersed in its difficulties to deal with its proper close conflicts, are incapable to become involved itself in the relations. To reconstruct what it ruiu, nor faith, positive thought, emanations of light decide. A closed body, resented, either by any reason is incapable to recognize, to receive, to ponder: April it itself exactly, to reflect, to cry to leave passes (pardon itself and to the other). Hostile feelings and distanciamento are powerful, lower the immunity, auto esteem open the doors to the dock berths of the soul, depression are one of them. I repeat does not agree here to analyze the reasons that take the antipatia, affective dissonncias. As much in the vegetal environment as in the animal kingdom has bodies that ones becomes poisonous the others, naturaza is unjust, but in it offers the knowledge to them that everything depends on the dosage! The homesickness of the meeting, affection that one day had, remembered, desires and is kept as treasure, hope. The disaffections are forgotten, even so the life follows and to new they make it affection to support. The ones that if keeps distant do not obtain to understand the pain of the other that it waits Few of us had understood why the Principezinho had that to come back toward its rose Friendships affective relationships demand constancy, the affection between familiar friends and to become a careful responsibility and would have to be pleasant.


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