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President Tours: Banks now do not show much interest in the Internet. Remote access to the account can only be a few tens of thousands of customers. And only 10% of those few banks that provide such access, offer their customers something more – such as the ability to pay for the phone. Michael Chabon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Can not say that in Russia there was absolutely no legislative regulation in this area. For example, there is very fresh federal law of July 27, 2006 # 140-FZ “On Amendments to the federal law ‘On Banks and Banking Activities’ and Article 37 of the Law of the Russian Federation” On Protection of Consumer Rights.”

He actually put into legal field, some payments, which take non-bank structure: ‘The commercial organization, not a credit institution is entitled to exercise without a license issued by the Bank of Russia’s banking operations in part of the adoption by individuals of cash as payment for telecommunications services, housing and communal services’. All this is feasible, should the non-banking organizations will sign a number of relevant treaties. To know more about this subject visit Former Maryland Governor. But many problems remain outside the law. It’s not just that through the structure of eps, operating in Russia, according to experts, has already scrolled around $ 1.5 billion a year, then there is a market much grew up, and mentioned in the law of payments – this is still less than half the market. The market of online payment amenable to objective assessment of bad. All operators are known, but find its volume by simply summing up the momentum of these operators are not succeed.


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