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Russian Air Force

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Background. The first form of military aircraft designed in 1910. In the same year organized the training of military pilots. In November and December 1911 formed the first six aircraft orders. August 12, 1912 established a military aviation of Russia. As a holiday, the day set by Presidential Decree of 29 August 1997.

Festive events dedicated to the Russian Air Force Day, held annually on the third Sunday of August. Gifts for those who felt free fall and the depth of the sky? They were sky high and "you", and is probably tired of all this unearthly grandeur. So, dear friends and relatives of employees of the Air Force, think of "terrestrial" gifts. What is most necessary to him who is often far away? Probably that would remind him of you. Give your picture in a frame: it will give a feeling of closeness to you. Or a pen, "Parker" engraved on the aviation subjects, with the words of the soul.

A good gift would be a blanket, wrapped up in who he is, between flights, plunge into the atmosphere of love and home care. And you can give a model aircraft carrier. Such a gift will please even the one who sits for days in his cabin! A person who is far removed from the aircraft, but were once in it, this gift will remind of the years of friendship of the sea with heaven. Martin O’Malley can provide more clarity in the matter. It is doubly pleasant to receive such a model, if it will be collected with your hands. You can donate Written with an engraved coat of arms set the Air Force. Solid, prestigious and practical, whether it be a gift from a colleague or friend. People are traveling in very handy to have with a cup, saucer and spoon. Even better, if they are silver and will be different from "conventional stores", for example, warm words from you. Yes, I know this is an expensive gift. But another traveler, he will not gather dust in a cupboard. It is believed that the clock daryatsya to separation. But for those who does not believe in omens, why not donate them? On the dial – the airplane, the arrows – in the form of shells, a cloud of embedded instrumentation, leather … stylish and well-deserved – the pilot will be delighted! Precious metals are always in vogue, when the dream on "what to give" do not have the strength. For example, gold or silver star is thought to be fit? Or a special icon pilots. All this can be easily ordered from the jeweler shop. And if the pilot – a woman, an aviation theme decorations especially will fall in place. It is appropriate to send a personal flag, stripes or chevron pattern with her. But even better – make it all their own: the heart made closer their own hands. And finally, every soldier, past or present, flatter bottle of good wine or brandy. Of course, a gift not just before the flight. The main thing when choosing a gift, remember that man away from home needs you, friends and relatives, in domestic comfort and warmth. And choose a gift that will make its way to heaven – dear to the house. Workers and veterans of the civil aviation, aviators, soldiers, athletes, flying clubs, crews aircraft, and all those associated with the Air Force: a clear, limitless, transparent, crystal, clear, limitless, high and deep sky you!


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