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Source of infection with worms can be sick animals and parasite (dogs and cats). Worms can be transmitted through the soil, grass, litter, water from puddles. How does the presence of worms in the stool or on the fur around anus were found separate segments, fragments or whole worms. Animal “goes” to the pope. Deteriorating general condition, a lack of or increased appetite, difficult or painful swallowing, loss of wool, a chronic cough. Maybe alternating constipation and diarrhea, sporadic vomiting. Please note that symptoms of infection with worms are often similar to symptoms, occurring in most infectious and noncommunicable diseases, so the precise diagnosis should go to the vet.

How to accurately tell if a dog or cat worms If you have a suspicion that the animal worms turn in the analysis of feces. Feces collected in the clean, dry glass or plastic bowl. Feces must be delivered to the laboratory not later than 8-12 hours after defecation, before the study stored in the refrigerator. How to get rid of the worms and the Use only veterinary drugs – praziquantel, tsestal, drontal plus prazitsid, kanikvantel – pay attention to, for any kind of animals they are intended, before giving the drug the animal must be weighed. Carefully read instructions and obey the dose! Current drugs for dogs and cats are designed for all kinds of worms, and round and tape. Apply antihelminthic drugs in very severe cases of animal worms have only under the supervision of a veterinarian. At the same time, too frequent and excessive use of anthelmintic may cause the immune system and liver.

How often should I worm to prevent anthelmintic give one or two times a year to once every 4 months, depending on the situation. At high risk of infection, such as feeding by-products or raw meat, fish, feeding on garbage or feces on the street – deworming can be conducted once a quarter. Need to get rid of worms and before inoculation, when the last preventive deworming has been more than 4-6 months ago. When you can not worm Between pregnancy and nursing anthelmintic can give, it can damage the health of offspring, would be correct to get rid of worms for 10-14 days before a planned breeding. If you are not banished to the viscous mother worms pups must banish worms no earlier than 21 days after birth. Can a person get from a dog or cat with worms worms are easily transmitted to humans through non-compliance with hygiene rules. Of the 82 species helminths, registered in Russia in dogs, 32 – can parasitize humans. In Russia, in dogs and cats are most often found toxocarosis, dipilidioz, toksaskaridoz and untsinarioz. Three species of tapeworms above represent a serious danger to humans. For the prevention of infection scrupulously observe good personal hygiene, do not let the animal lick your face, be sure to wash your hands after children communicate with animals.


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