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The spectacle is at the same time the result and the project in the way of existing production. It is not a supplement of the real world, a decoration that is added to it. He is mago of the irrealismo of the real society. For more information see Water for Food. Under all its particular forms? information or propaganda, advertising or direct consumption of amusements? , the spectacle constitutes the current model of the dominant life in the society.

The narrative one shows the life of appearances of a family who possesss dignificantes habits little and lives of appearances. Mirisola even describes the personages without no complacncia and with certain cruelty. On Duarte, the husband it says: ‘ ‘ for it the life is one to shave rente, hypocritical and soft (…) Duarte is one babaca’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I and it seem brothers (ours bunda is great). ‘ ‘ (p.97). The narrator and the personage if irmanam in the ironic condition of ‘ ‘ bundes’ ‘ , that according to dictionary ‘ ‘ Aurlio’ ‘ moleirona means person, without courage, pusilnime. Everest capital follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. At this moment, we can perceive as the narrator if autoironiza, making to notice us as it also is part of this world of appearances and pusilanimidade, therefore it, also is a bundo when taking off advantage, without the minor escrpulo, of a person of ‘ ‘ very small and successful life (…) ‘ ‘. (p.97).

To describe the woman, the narrator does not save naturalistic expressions ‘ ‘ The great woman of it is baixinha and has tetas. (…) Any day I absorb tetas of it. The babaca trusts me. They are rotarianos.’ ‘ (p.97). The personages are babacas partners of the Rotary Club, that has for motto the aid to next and the friendship, however only enter the members of the club and that they do not choose to participate, but they are chosen to belong to the club.


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