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River Tibagi

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It is one of the main formadores of the hidrogrfica basin of the river Paranapanema that discharges in the basin of the river Paran. A hidrogrfica basin is an area drained for a main river and its tributaries. Great part of the hidrogrficas basins of Native of London is born in the neighboring cities, what it generates the necessity of intense ambient public politics that they opt to more efficient a regional boarding, so that these hdricos courses do not arrive in Native of London already engaged in the quality of waters. The urban area of the headquarters of the city is cut in the direction west-east, preferential, for diverse basins and sub-basins that print the organization of the spaces in its entornos. (PMBS, 2009, p-37). Had the importance of the courses d' water for the city of Native of London, this work contemplates the characteristics of the multiple landscapes that if put and if they display throughout (to per) the course with a look focado in the space organization of the net hidrogrfica and the multiple uses of the water. (Per) to run for the sources and headboards of the rivers The object of study and looks had been the main hidrogrficas basins of the city of Native of London: Camb, Jacutinga, Lindia, Coffee plantation and the River Tibagi in the city of Jataizinho. The direction of the fluvial canals of the basins of the brooks Jacutinga and Lindia, to the north, is in the direction west-east whereas the too much basins: Camb, Coffee plantation is guided in the direction northwest-Southeast. Beyond these, in the direction northwest-Southeast also she has the Basin of the Lemon tree and the Basin Three Mouths, but they are not part of this study. The passage was elaborated to take care of to the looks of the landscapes of entorno of the valleys and sources, ridges and its integration with the city.


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