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However I believe to be possible to identify a preceding problem from which one originated all the current problems and that it directly contributes for the durability and enraizamento of these, is well-known that this problem has cultural and historical precedents. You may want to visit Michael Chabon to increase your knowledge. Without more delays the deep intellectual apathy is standed out that the biggest ethical challenge of the present time is the insertion of thinking about the society, therefore, absence of collective conscience and politician-ideological demobilization is premises for the sprouting of the concrete problems which I related to me. We live in a control society, where the individual does not possess the prerogative to think, this is a emergencial challenge, therefore the rational autonomy constructs the ideal scene to bother, to modify, to desestabilizar and to provoke the dominant power, therefore through the reactionary force of each citizen improvements search and are the most significant representation of the destruction of found classic problems in the society. Finally this is the challenge of the contemporaneidade: to stimulate the mobilization of intellectuals, to eradicate the omission and inertia of the majority and to acquire knowledge the new generations for the urgency of thinking. The individual has the prerogative to modify and to renew the perception ideological that was inherited to it and is imposed to it. However I defend that when its conclusions try in an exaggeration with what he is morally accepted, the individual restrains its abstractions and shares falsely with the mainly accepted ideology, duly warned to be kept out of society socially by being detainer of a differentiated philosophical conception. In my opinion the power it would be a vehicle so that the individual if it locates hierarchically superior to the social group where he is inserted, and that it supplies to subsidies so that this extencionalize in concrete behaviors reflections that already were inherent, constructed to it in face of the social and private experience. What it results of this understanding is that the development of an emancipated society is estimated for the progress of ethics of responsibility, approaching to the morality and intelligence and attempting against the necessity of an ethical behavior of the human being with the nature, the related certainty admirably was defended by Hans Jonas. The good application and the practical constant of thinking would result essentially in a concern with the collective one, the public and the institucional one, model this appreciated by John Rawls in order to construct a justice theory. Tatiane of goals Blacksmith, student of 3 semester of Right, University Catholic of Brasilia.


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