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The institutional Revolutionary Party has as its candidate Rodrigo Medina in the State of Nuevo Leon, this person could be your Governor if you get your support, but for this you need first to know him to know if he is indicated to be our Governor. The candidate has many proposals has been promoting throughout the State through its advertising campaign, which assures, will make during his Government benefits us all. Rodrigo Medina has proposals that support to women, young people, elderly persons, workers and all nuevoleonenses. A related site: Bernie Sanders mentions similar findings. The proposals are well made, they show us the problem and the way in which Medina would address a solution, although its proposals are many, are all well moored on the ground, i.e., that they can be met and in that do us actually need that will meet. The Nuevo Leon now is not the same as before, so a change is necessary and that better do it with one person young and eager to improve his State to be everything that the always dreamed and as all Regal have dreamed you. A major problem in society is the safety, and the candidate, Rodrigo Medina, knows it by what its proposals to ensure security have been made so that they can meet and achieve the proposed objective. Contact information is here: US Senator from Vermont. Do not hesitate more supports the coalition together by Nuevo Leon, because they support to the nuevoleonenses.


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