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Responsible Investments

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Investments are particularly important in our time. If an investment makes sense or not, can be assessed to all only on the consideration of the relationship between costs and benefits. Although other criteria should be included in the assessment of a financial investment, this ratio must be necessarily cheap. Outweighs the benefits not the cost, the investment from the outset to close. Costs and benefits of an investment not necessarily on the risk of the loss in value and the monetary rate of return are to limit. These are the two economic factors, which characterize a cash investment. It comes to the meaning of the investment and on the setting of the investor, how influential the economic factors in the evaluation of investments go up. The most money investments be made to achieve the highest possible return.

This means that all decisions can be taken only after the point of view, most are driven as the profit from the business. The problem with this kind of alignment of Is money especially in the indirectness with which they are incurred. An example. Someone who respects in its vicinity on his fellow human beings and the environment, will be able to finance the shops by big oil companies and the defense industry indirectly through his day money account. Would inform the Bank, of which this man his account his account, directly through the financial entanglements and ask for consent, he would deny them with security.

Thus, a financial institution creates a very long distance between the owner of the money and the business in which it is invested. It is not clear most people making the Bank with the money in the account. A large drawer she not stored in guaranteed it. This example shows how quickly the criteria for an investment can go apart. As soon as the money in an account, it is no longer for most people of interest. That most people finance but no military or polluting targets want to again explain costs and benefits over the. This must be because not necessarily purely monetary nature, brings but also the personal attitude towards its environmental benefits or costs. It is regarded by many people as if they know as possible to map as little damage with their money on the nature and their fellow human beings. Many are willing to bear higher costs for these benefits. In terms of investment, it is connected to a socially and ecologically sustainable investment rule with a lower yield. The good conscience so not for nothing is there in this sense. However, you can examine a money system and its social and environmental impact on a prolonged and global perspective on sustainability. “Here the sign change often, because good” investments are often used for development or preservation of nature and man. Investments, which are created solely for profit, work here rather destructive. While they leave damage, which in many Bring a reconstruction and high cost cases. Just because these costs not be involved in the investment, a high yield at the expense of others can be generated.


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