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Which is the idea behind this? The same that has cost to him to lose the majority in the House of Representatives to Obama in the elections of average term the past week: deriving greater aid a to save Wall s$street (its friendly of the markets) before to Main Street (economy), injecting hundreds of thousands of million dollars in the financial system of the USA. It justifies Bernanke: " the prices of the actions raised and the interest rates of long term fell when the investors began to anticipate to the decision of the last movement of the EDF and majors prices in stock-market impel to the consumption and help to increase the confidence of the consumer, which at the same time impels again to the consumption, and ends up benefitting economa". It would seem that one is to wake up the speculation and it covets in the investors to try to help the economy (without worrying about the consequences of this uncontrolled monetary injection). The EDF is led to increase the prices of the actions in stock market, verbally and with the own pocket and of the world-wide investors. The problem is that this plan has been the same position in practice by the EDF during the financial crisis (in 2009 it injected $1.75 trillions with the purchase of assets), but the economy no it wants to take off and unemployment stays in the area of 10%. Bernanke tries again that the boys of Wall s$street lower unemployment to him to Obama. The problem is that if this does not work either, there are no many more elements to those than to resort, the rates already they are ironed in historical minimums (between 0 and 0.25%) and when WST manages to realize this and of which a package of monetary injection so hard what it is demonstrating is that the economy of the USA is really in problems, runs the risk of giving back part of the gains of these last weeks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Martin O’Malley. .


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