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Representatives Kazakhstan

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For example, the U.S. debt three times the annual national product, that is, two thirds of the income part of which is divided into capitalists and the workers, they receive from other countries. That is, the American worker earns a lot of not so much because what is good and works hard, and most of its extent – from the labor of workers from other countries, let this work and yet maloproduktiven, but this is more than covered by its mass. Click Bernie Sanders for additional related pages. It just so happens that Kazakhstan, and the other republics of the former Soviet Union, destined to the fate of "feed" of "foreign" workers. In this case, the scenario developed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and the "others like These "population of the former Soviet Union must be reduced to an economically reasonable limits, determine whether the West's natural resources of our common territory of the former. In different sources with the given numbers from 30 to 80 million people. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Bernie Sanders. How many "supposed" to stay on Earth Kazakhstan, while I have never seen, but I suppose that for the current 15 million population figures may be impressive, if not disappointing, neither of which further the "prosperity of the nation" could have and continue to not mention. For the West, such developments would be most acceptable, as this remains the foundation of Representatives Kazakhstan's first class, "dictating the rules of the game," based then only on the "guidance of the West" (they are still quite a lot and often talk about a certain independence and sovereignty of the country), to a reasonable limits would be reduced by the second class and apolitical, "was removed from the scene," class conflict, but has found its niche in the circumstances.

However, for this and plans were sent to U.S. Secretary of State 50-ies century. Many political analysts, based on an analysis of current political situation of the third world and guided by the precepts of the inevitability of the class of antagonistic contradictions, projected far evolutionary developments, a series of mass revolutions of recent years only confirm their conclusions. However, it is theoretically possible but unlikely scenario is likely to have irreversible processes and discussion is more theoretically informative, but not practical..


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