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Exclusive souvenirs to order in a group of companies' RekHouse'Dlya everyone thing that gave him the road anyway. John marlow often addresses the matter in his writings. Road as a reminder of how and on what occasion it is presented to someone. Road as a sign of attention and care. What to do if you want not just to please people, but also to surprise him with unusual your gift? In this case you are interested in the project "Exclusive souvenirs made of metal, stone, wood, PVC, PVC and glass." Souvenir, which offered to your attention, really unusual. They are unusual, above all, that they are not ready to option products shipped from the warehouse, and a very special, made individually for Your order produkt.Spetsialisty group of companies 'RekHouse' develop and izgotavyat for you gifts and souvenirs – will perform them in order. We will consider with all of your wishes, whatever they may have been unexpected. We develop together with You design things. We discuss all possible options for materials that can be done your souvenir or gift.

We use the latest tehnologii.Vashemu offer you a wide range of products from metal. This is different corporate icons clips, cufflinks, pendants, pendants. This medal and medallions, medals and ribbons. Key rings (trinkets), badges, nameplates, signs, certificates, tokens and nomerki, models, statues and stelae, nameplates on household appliances and office equipment nameplates, badges (logos and emblems) for cars. Labels, labels, and the nameplate on the bottle, as well as accessories for leather goods and furniture. Metal badge – common in many cases, a necessary component of corporate identity, observance of which is an important element of corporate culture.


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