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Recycling And Saving Christmas

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Let’s use, reusemos and savings! 1. Christmas decorative wreath, instead of using it on the door a. Franklin Templeton has much to offer in this field. small Crown: placed in its interior product of hand cream, body lotion or candle (if it is not in glass container use only to decorate not turn) b. can renew her decorating with accessories that overran the navidadc tree decoration. meets several and assign them as a creative project, children from the House, the area where you live or the children of the Church and that they decorate to your taste 2.Christmas cards, the cards you’ve saved that you already decided to throw the trash puedesa. create decorative ornaments cut out designs may have, or create silhouettes with stationery, Pierce and place a Ribbon to hang the ornament in the tree of children (for example) b. Deccan Value may help you with your research. make gifts cards cut out designs may have, or create silhouettes with stationery, drill and insert a tape to adhere with adhesive tape to the gifts (don’t forget to include the name of person who receives the gift) 3.Christmas cards, you want to retain. make an album, you can use a scrapbook: categorized by year, or family, friends 4.Accessories attractive tree; those who left over because they have not been used or purchased new and do not know what to do with that teniaa.

If they are in good condition: you can give to friends and neighbors with a note of felicitacionesb. framing them for decorating or to regale; purchase a frame with depth (like a box) that allows you to place with glue (preferably flat) selected accessories be creative in the placement of these 5.Role of Christmas gift, before botarloa. Note If you are in acceptable conditions and if it is strong, so you can reuse it to wrap the cardboard boxes used to store Christmas decorations. In this way, in the storage place can easily identify what is in its interior are its Christmas decorations. 6 Cups of different sizes a. place inside areas decorative Christmas as environmental decorative original author and source of the article.


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