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The best way to keep its life under control is developing the habit of ' ' it makes j' '. In the possible measure do, deals with all the urgent subjects imediatamente.4? Organize of us we have a certain trend to disorganization. Only that this is also one of the causes of it estresse: it is not nothing pleasant visually and, what it is very worse, when we need something ' ' where it will be that I placed? ' '. It is organized! It starts right now for its office and reserves a time daily to continue with the excessively cmodos ones of the house. Ah, and very important: after arranging, either disciplined () to keep everything in its due lugares.5? It was slow of new? It can have certainty that this is one of the great causes estresse of it. You run to arrange yourself, run to arrive at the place where already she would have to be has 15 minutes more or, fight during all the way because of the transit, complains because it is been slow and nobody seems to give the minim From today on creates a new habit: he more early makes an effort on human being and skirt! He is difficult? At the beginning yes! But the result will be a much more pleasant life.

You go to even like to direct and this will be able to help in the treatment of its estresse.6 it? It stops to control outrosIsso you do not function, you cannot be in some places at the same time. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Picard. Worse he is that, same knowing, many people to try to control everything and to all generating frightful levels of anxiety. From today on, he learns to leave the things to flow in a more natural way. She understands that the people are different of you and that they make the things in rhythms and in different ways. This is normal.

What he is not normal, are you to want to control everybody, therefore you only can control itself mesmo.7? You are ' ' multi-tarefas' '? Worse he is that he has people that they are proud of this: they execute some tasks at the same time finding that they are being productive. Nothing more missed the lack of concentration in a specific task, it becomes in slower to conclude them it. What we earn yes is one high level of estresse. It only makes a thing of each time, organizes its agenda and it learns to delegate funes.8? You finish with the teething rings of energiCom certainty already you must have identified to things or activities that only steal its precious one energy. If they are not adding nothing in its life, finishes with them! Leaves place for the other most pleasant ones, that to more energy and felicidade.9 provide to it? Care: at sight difficult person! All we have for close some to these people who only complicate our life: heads, familiar, fellow workers, customers, neighbors, until some friends What to make with them? He does not collate them, this only generates more estresse. In the possible measure do, only prevents them! 10? It becomes its simpler life and more light leveNo everything so the serious one and simplifies. To become its simpler life will bring benefits and only reduce significantly its estresse. Alive RecomendadoBlog resource Fully: tips for its health, emagrecimento and welfare


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