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This is due to the fact that GPRS / EDGE technologies with minimal impact on network mobile operator, gives the possibility of collecting, transmitting and processing data from a large number of devices (M2M-terminals) that do not require high data rate and transmit them in small quantities. Social Capital is often quoted as being for or against this. More often than systems based on wireless technology, M2M, in its composition have the following elements: – objects (stationary or moving), which are installed on M2M terminals for control and data acquisition – for remote monitoring and control (M2M terminals) – GSM-controllers with data transfer over cellular networks (SMS, CSD, GPRS / EDGE); – mobile operator – an intermediary that provides data service using SMS, CSD, GPRS / EDGE; – handler (Receiver) – Mobile terminal (phone, smartphone, PDA), personal computer or server with the database. If the transmission of information through technology, GPRS / EDGE, the handler must have access to the Internet. Areas of activity for which the introduction of wireless technology, promising M2M: 1. Safety and security: – system, connected to the central station (private security service company) – as an alternative channel warning – independent remote control of an apartment or a country house – as a system of 'smart home' or one of its parts – a separate remote control car – as the anti-theft alarm system (alone or together with standard). 2. Transportation and Logistics: – monitoring and control of vehicles (transportation, taxis) – as the GSM-trackers with the ability to analyze fuel consumption and the location – the autonomous system satellite monitoring of vehicles (freight, insurance, search for stealing) – as a GPS-beacons with online locating – heating system – as part of the remote start Countdown heaters and engine compartment (for example, Webasto); – control individuals (carriers, employees, children) and animals – as the GSM-trackers with a panic button. 3. Public Utilities: – protection from flooding – To inform about the sinking of a locking mechanism and control – the heating system and boiler – to control boiler temperature control equipment – a system of remote data collection and transmission of electronic media information (of electricity meters, gas, water) – to inform the dispatchers of the events (regular or emergency) that occur on the counters, as well as for collecting and processing data received from them (telemetry).


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