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Public Politics

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Elisngela Maria Ricardo, Fernanda Rodrigues de Albuquerque, Francisca Veronice. (As opposed to Michael Chabon). the Saints, Luciana Oliveira Pedrosa, Maria of the Conceio de Carvalho Barros. 2 1. INTRODUCTION The condition of the woman in the society is intrinsically on to the public politics. For this reason it is important to stand out that politics is a historical process, that if it transforms throughout the time, is multifaceted and result of the activity human being. The fight for the power has as basic question.

Some types of politics exist, in which we can cite the economic one, the social one, the religious one, the familiar one and of sort (MAAR, 1994). In accordance with Azevedo (2004), since the beginning of the decade of 1980, the studies on the public politics had gained a centralidade in Brazil, in concurrence with the opening process that finished in reinstaurar the democracy in the country. Souza (2006, p.26), declares that public politics is ' ' a knowledge field that it searchs, at the same time, ' ' to place the government in ao' ' and/or to analyze this action and, when necessary, to consider changes in the route or course of these aes.' ' Being that the society exerts the power of social control of these politics, inquiring if they are corresponding the demand and necessity of the population which was elaborated to cure, by means of a emancipatria perspective of valuation of the condition human being through the social equality. The public politics are not capable to revert to racial the ethnic disparidades and of sort, but they can restrict the domestic violence against the women. Inside of a context partner-description the woman comes suffering many preconceptions only for being ' ' mulher' ' , still more when this is black, poor, with desestruturada family, single mother or for its sexual option, among others. According to Report of the External Commission of Feminizao of the Poverty of the Federal Senate (2004) apud Behring and Boschetti (2006), the conditions of the Brazilian women with regard to the familiar per capita income is aggravation when compared with the one of the men and still it varies in accordance with the race.


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