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Grotescas illations The drugs possess invisible handcuffs. The people of the evil, work every day, because we, who we are of the good, do not make the same thing? The society hinders in them to cultivate the love, judges that the love between people of the same sex is solitary, but, already tried? The society friction everything, exactly after deceased, the homosexuals faces the solitude. The politics and the death walk side by side. Psychiatrist of day, festeiro at night. Without hesitation Michael Chabon explained all about the problem. The legal definitions of health and insanity are based where? In the free will? In the truth, the time not wounded cure none, only diminishes its size. The human being is a brutal being and hostile already it is born with the murderous instinct. The nature also is rude, the violence of the nature is inevitable, although everything, we cannot live without it, let us be marijuana users, pipoqueiro, mechanic or psychiatrist. Antonio Padilha de Carvalho.


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