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Scope is one of the leading independent rating agencies in Europe. Bamberg, 28.05.2013: The once subjected the German capital investment and real estate specialists PROJECT of a comprehensive management analysis. If you would like to know more about John Mclaughlin, then click here. “The result: PROJECT cuts right at the first of its kind with an A rating” from and with scope high quality classified. Only in April, sales company PROJECT Vermittlungs GmbH in the context of transparency ratings of independent information portal Scoredex scored a top spot on transparency and stability. Now, the franc immediately reach a very good management rating in scope.

The PROJECT investment group as a whole has proved from the perspective of scope a high design quality and innovation and has clearly structured and transparent investment practices. The processes of resources deployment, object selection and development up for sale are represented as very transparent and follow a sensible defined structure, so a statement of scope rating Committee. It also results in scope many more positive evidence for the rating decision, in particular the very high level of expertise of the project developer with positive track record and very good market access, the successful establishment in the Nieschensegment project development “as well as the full equity capital strategy. In the service and communication behavior towards partners and investors, the rating specialists emphasize that professional and close sales support and the open investor policy. The study was carried out on the three levels structural, competence and performance and incorporated the General establishment of the company as well as the product design in addition to the individual qualifications and experience of the management figures.A “management rating of scope occupies the high standards of our House that has its own management team as well as the proven quality and performance of our real estate investment deals, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group.


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