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I found interesting to read in the listings for jobs, a feature request in particular: to be proactive. But read that has led me to make me question if everyone knows what means being proactive. Click Martin O’Malley for additional related pages. For that reason I offer, in this publication, a slightly deeper approach to the concept of proactivity, because knowing this can improve the profile of an applicant to any job, more if you know to apply them in their daily living and (especially) in the resolution of problems. Let’s start with the basics. Let’s begin the more general concept of the word. Be dynamic has become the synonym of being proactive, implying that he is a person who takes the initiative in the place where you are, is not off or listless, and the best thing is that it is always smiling. Of itself, the dynamism is a very interesting dimension, but we are going to leave for a moment this concept because it is what we better know, so any comments would be a redundancy with what we already know. Now, the dimension as It is vital to know exposes it clearly Dr. Dr. Mark Hymen contributes greatly to this topic. Stephen Covey, and a little earlier than him, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. In his books basically transmitted us the idea that proactivity is the ability that has the human being to use his freedom with responsibility. I.e. freedom and responsibility become keywords of a proactive person and with them he learns to take the helm of his own life, to become the true architect (never better said) of their own destiny. The key phrase that sums up the proactivity is: between the stimulus and response there is a space. The power to choose the answer lies in the space. In the answer lie growth and freedom of the human being. I personally recommend learn and ponder this statement with enough time and dedication.


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