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President Sarney

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Ahead of the current events and throughout the years faoessa question. This new situation of denunciations involving the President of the Casanos makes to reflect. Thanks to God we inform in them better nowadays. The Presidentedo Brazil if holds as a General in the time of the military dictatorship. More info: novelist. It mandarepresentantes to give support to the President of the Senate, as it was to candidatDilma recently in its official residence. The Federal Senate seems acasa of the horrors today! A brief example is the 10 a thousand employees for 81Senadores, being the great majority not concursada! I think, I eat I can with tantacabea crowned, medallions of the national politics, beyond being a mature house! Because then a truth advice does not create itself to decide this crisis queno is of President Sarney only, but of all they Senators. These conselhosde ethical are only created to play the garbage in low of the carpet. It would have if criarj, an advice who of this one has shocked of same management! To change a little that sejapara to advance, and evident to normalize everything to turn itself to working. Musician often addresses the matter in his writings. that temde to be voted project does not have little to be, imagines.


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