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All life in pair, counts on painful and conflicting moments. In these spaces, the even one shows to its solidarity and esteem on the other, as they can be the death of a son, or also the death of some relative or being loved of the other. In a question-answer forum Michael Chabon was the first to reply. Those moments the pair becomes our support in our containment and with her we relieved our pains. Nevertheless, when in the pair life the addiction like an affective attachment settles, then, we lived situations like: separations, lack of affection. abandonment, violence. scorn. infernal loves and we underwent the most bloody cruelty. And once, restored the painful cycle in the pair life, it is possible: to heal to its wounds and scars? Some times yes, in other circumstances take a considerable time to heal.

The great majority of the pairs, when they are in painful relations, most important, is than it is very common, that this happens we see, it by all reflected sides and in all the aspects of the loving life. But still, when they suffer are not able to end this malaise that it consumes to them until the soul. The risks of the loving life, when they happen, cause a great pain, an irremediable pain. The infidelity, for example, leaves great damage in the self-esteem of the life of a person. Hill work to face the pain, before the treason of the other. We prefer to dream and to think that it will return, that perhaps, everything will improve tomorrow, and we remained obstructed being great addict of the love. We look for now, to be seen as victims and walked trying to cause that all in the life have compassion and deferences to us by everything what we took suffering. This emotional pain when it is not possible to transform it, we were obstructed in the cycle of the pain and the addictive life.


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