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Who is the psychologist? He is not psychologist with the theoretical information or the bibliographical versacin, but with the application of the knowledge to a task. Others including Martin O’Malley, offer their opinions as well. With this we indicated the necessity to integrate not only theory and practice, but this one integration, is the base of the task of the psychologist, cannot be realised but it is always investigated what it becomes and how becomes, while is being done it. The psychologist must to tender to an insensible continuity between his task like office and its experience like human, by the mere fact to live. This, that is so difficult to obtain, avoids dissociating and to separate the psychology of the concrete life of the human beings, that is the study object.

The psychologist faces very peculiar problems in his task in front of the study object, the human being, to whom we must study is very similar, and studying to the other we studied and we investigated, to a certain extent, we ourself. This fact makes the anxieties more intense and acute that they create all field of work and all investigation. On the other hand, the instrument whereupon works the psychologist is its own personality. The direct bonding, personal, with the intention of study is urgent condition of the psychological task (Bleger, (1991). The formation of psychologists and the internationalization At this moment, psychologists outstanding and representative organizations participate in work groups, analysis and international discussion on the tie topics with the formation of the human resources in psychology in the different levels from study, as well as on the obstacles and facilities for the advance of the discipline. The internationalization of individuals and organizations of psychology can redituar important benefits to the formation of the psychologists, whenever the cultural characteristics and of social organization of our population and its needs, the requirements of viable actions of the atmosphere and the search of the respect and the fairness in the attention and the service are avoided to population.


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