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Mixed feelings over me, I wanted to feel happy that I had in my life and he loved her but was afraid to love her and want her because she would have to accept that she was pregnant, I imagined the faces of my parents, sadness and disappointment in them, would received all of the existing punishment not only to see them in the eye. The months passed and still not know what to do, my body changed and grew, the only thing I could think was hiding, I told the baby’s father that because of my studies would be busy, course I did not give him the a feliz noticiaa , that was the easy part, how difficult was carried out, I woke before everyone at home, I just listened to leave and come back when all mainly my parents and was in his room a lleguea buenas nights and it was the routine every day, no one had to learn, at least to think of something or a Accidents happen when you least want. But when you consider it as your only esperanzaa thank God never happen. Sometimes without realizing it passed my hand across my belly growing bigger, felt his little body movement as if to say a quiereme mom, and wanted to feel free to shout a te love you baby but my lips were sealed by fear, shame and loneliness. I wanted so much power tell anyone what was happening to me, to hear someone say a Oeno afraid, is just a baby, you can get ahead, I’ll help a but that never happened. The birth was approaching and my parents even know that they suspected, I think he chose not to believe it. The cycle ended in high school and had no reason to disappear all day, I knew the inevitable was about to happen, my baby clung to me with all his little strength even though he had not taken any control, much less had taken any vitamins or supplements needed during pregnancy. The fear was so great that my dream was extremely light, one night I felt like my mother entered my room, I wanted to turn and change positions but a “was too tardea after 8 months, she was confirming its terrible temoresa..


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