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Power And Reality

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Results? My reality changes, get new results! Do you realize the power difference between the position in which you leave the first statement and the other? If certain aspects inherent in our being as then show an example of the same case on the basis of the statement "I am shy …" I am shy. Since I'm shy, I can not attend meetings of my work or creating successful working relationships, so do not get the recognition they need. Moreover, as I am shy and reserved, I can not can deal with my personal relationships (friends, family and partner) and I would like, I can not open up to them. I feel that this problem has no solution, since it is my personality and I can not change. I am alone, without personal or employment opportunities and that many positive things about my being I am not taking advantage. Results? Since I can not change my way of being, as usual.

We will do the same prior year based on the new statement "I am being shy …" : I'm being shy. I watch shy person doing things such as: no eye contact, stay silent without opinion, keep a low profile without "appearing" too, not to offer my help, among other things (the fact to see new results! Among the many things I dreamed and wanted to be as a teenager, was a writer. At first I said to myself "But Ann, you're not a writer, you've never written anything …" . Then I learned to work with my thoughts and I wonder: what actions I can run to become a writer? So I began to write, write, put into words everything I felt … I went slowly becoming one of the things I had dreamed for so long. And that is happening to me with other things I want to be! Then, as you note checklist: 1) Detects you want to be. 2) Identify the actions to execute people who "are" or are shown as well. 3) Develop a plan for change and begins to execute those actions step by step to make them part of your personality.

"Language is action through language and change our reality and our environment, and it is through language that we can transform ourselves" Rafael Echeverria Love, Ani 2006-2010 Ana Cecilia Vera Vera. All Rights Reserved. Do you want to publish my articles in your newsletter, blog or website? You can if you include the full text below it …


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